Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott

Well, together they get is all spot on, but separated from his team-mate, Stott is in all kinds of trouble.

Beth Tweddle

Ah, Beth, with beam hoisted horizontal Union Jack you have properly confused us all.

Lightweight Fours

Peter and Richard Chambers, Rob Williams and Chris Bartley may not be wearing it as a cape, but at least their Union Jack flag is the right way up. Few boating events suffered with inverted flags, unsurprisingly.

Michael Jamieson

Well done lad! Right way up.

Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca with her Union Jack Flag upside down - something she has a history of doing.

Mo Farah, yet again

It seems that Mo is just happy to switch and change, or did someone correct him?  Right way up this time.

Greg Rutherford

Yes, he can jump a long way, but does he know which way up his national flag goes? Does he bollocks.